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Makola.com was started because I literally could not find shito to buy online.  For those who do not know what shito is, it's the rare condiment that almost every Ghanaian student swears by.  You can add it to almost any meal and it makes it complete and there was definitely no way you would go through school without having it as an essential item in your chopbox.  You can understand then my frustration at not finding this absolutely essential item to buy.  Shito, however, was just symptomatic of a bigger problem - we had not figured a way to make African products easily accessible online. 

It's been a decade now since I got the domain and the landscape has completely changed.  Now, you can buy a good number of African products online and e-commerce itself is booming on the continent with success stories like Jumia and Paystack fueling online commerce.  Somehow, though, the problem of a single marketplace for those in the diaspora to easily access African products has not really been solved. 

Most African markets are still run as mom-and-pop operations and the lack of efficiency has made it incredibly hard to scale.  We still have not done a good job of serving the diaspora.  Worse, we've not expanded our African market to make it accessible to non-Africans and it's still incredibly hard for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Africa to sell to those outside the continent.  That's the problem we're solving here at Makola.com. 

Our mission is to build the world's most innovative African market online by continually raising the bar for customer experience and by leveraging technolgy to help consumers find, discover and buy African and African related products online.  

Ultimately, we want to be the single platform where you come to find all your African related products.  There's an incredible amount of work to be done to make sure we offer you nothing but the best products and service and we're working extremely hard to make you happy.  Until, we get to our ultimate goal though, we can at least make sure you can order shito online today! 

Paraphrasing a quote from one of our big inspirations, Jeff Bezos, this is Day 1 for African commerce online, and if we execute well, for Makola.com 



Founder, Makola.com 


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